Good evening wordpress. After a much needed break from blogging, I have returned again. A lot has happened since my last post. For those still wondering, yes, I am still alive (LOL). I am here to confirm what a crazy year it has been. If you follow the Chinese zodiac, you know that 2014 is year of the Horse… I am year of the Horse. So that means this year, things should work out in my favor,…

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*this song explains my prom night all too well. thanks for the throwback SILVERSTEIN*

I shot this glance to you
In a minute I’ll be gone
But not because I didn’t want to

No one wants to dance
So I’m standing on my feet
Nobody takes the chance
To break the law to start the beat

So I’m sitting this one out
I’m planning on my own
I’m staying put for now
But not forever

I’ll save this dance for you
In the morning I’ll be gone
But not because I didn’t want to
I tried so hard to stay, stay in love with you and me
I’m moving on because I have to

You say it’s too late, I was wrong, you can’t wait
I’ll try now, if you stay, stay with me

I’ll still fight for what’s right
I still dream every night
I still want to believe
You’re saving one last dance for me